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accept attribute not supported when passing XmlResolver


i need to pass an XmlResolver class in order to pass Credentials. however, i've discovered that, when passing an XmlResolver to XIncludingReader, the "accept" and "accept-language" attributes are not honored.
i've checked out the source code and i think the issue is in the ProcessInterDocXMLInclusion class since it just calls GetEntity on the passed in resolver.
not sure what a clean solution would be here. somehow we need to get the "accept" attribute passed to the XmlResolver so that GetEntity can use it. I can craft a custom XmlResolver that has two new properties. even build a GetEntiry that will honor them and return a stream. but i'm not sure how to get the attributes from the <x:include .... accept="text/xml" /> element passed to the custom resolver.
any ideas?
Mike Amundsen