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Does XslReader increase Performance?

Apr 10, 2009 at 2:33 PM
Hi there!

We are implementing a WCF-REST-Service that uses a pre-compiled XSL transformation to generate the service response from the service request. To return the response we need the result of the XSLT transformation within an XElement object. At the moment, the XslCompiledTransform object writes the result to an XmlWriter object, which stores the XML data in a StringWriter object. When the transformation is finished, we parse this XML string with the XElement class.

So my questions are: 

1) Becomes our solution more performant and scaleable if we use the XslReader class instead, i.e. create the XElement response object from the XslReader object via XElement.ReadFrom.
2) Are there any known problems when applying XslReader in a WCF / ASP.NET environment?

I appreciate any comment and / or answer!