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Mvp.Xml project is developed by Microsoft MVPs in XML technologies and XML Web Services worldwide. It is aimed at supplementing .NET framework XML processing functionality available through the System.Xml namespace and related namespaces such as System.Web.Services. It is documented extensively through weblog posts. All the project's classes contain extensive tests to ensure its quality, as well as the peer review among this highly focused group of XML lovers.

Mvp.Xml project currently provides .NET implementations of the EXSLT, XML Base, XInclude, XPointer as well as a unique set of utility classes and tools making XML programming in .NET platform easier, more productive and effective.

Mvp.Xml project supplements .NET functionality, but as .NET platform evolves some parts of the Mvp.Xml library become redundant. Beware that we will be dropping support for anything that becomes supported natively in .NET.

Mvp.Xml project provides the following tools:

Note: development for the .NET 1.1 is over. Here is last Mvp.Xml Library release for .NET 1.1.

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